About Us

Welcome to Nustait!



Nustait was founded with the intention to create world class supplements with mind and body optimization. The formulations are designed with ingredients that have been clinically proven and are based on research done on humans, not rats, mice or fruit flies. Some of the leading companies in this space may have dozens of ingredients in their formulations. However, many of these ingredients may be redundant, unnecessary and ineffective with no research data based on humans. There are no redundant or unnecessary ingredients in Nustait formulations. We believe in transparency and will never have proprietary blends, blends designed by companies that do not disclose the exact amount of each ingredient.


Being father and son owned and operated, Nustait is not beholden to investors. This gives us the freedom to make decisions based on science and the latest research, not solely profit. The launch of Optimus, our flagship drinkable nootropic, is just the beginning. Welcome to Nustait. 




Jesse A. Casado
Eduardo A. Casado