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     My dad's been a health enthusiast his entire adult life; constantly pushing himself to the limit, and then pushing a little more. Several years ago he discovered nootropics and it was exactly what he needed. He experimented with several products, but quickly realized there's A LOT of junk out there. Finally, he found one that worked great. The problem was he had to take 7 capsules at once, and it was costing him $130 a month.


     I watched him as he dug deeper and did his own research. He read tons of scientific and medical papers. Eventually he made his own “stack” based on that research. It cost less, but consisted of 11 capsules from 9 different sources. That's a lot of capsules, but he got the edge he was looking for. In late 2018 I decided I wanted to start my own company, be the captain of my own ship, as they say. My dad supported me from that very first day. He said, “this is America, the land of opportunity”, and that I should just do it. We quickly became partners.


     Knowing that the nootropic field is growing fast, and that there's a lot of junk out there, and people want and need a quality supplement, we decided to create Optimus. One serving contains the equivalent of 11 pills, less money, high quality, high potency, proven ingredients. The ideal nootropic didn't exist, so we created it. And that's how our company, Nustait, was born. Thanks for joining us on our adventure – only in America.




Jesse A. Casado
Eduardo A. Casado