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Rhodiola Rosea is a perennial flowering plant that grows naturally in the Arctic regions of Europe, Asia and North America. Studies suggest that Rhodiola Rosea may have adaptogenic properties. Rhodiola Rosea has been shown in studies to promote energy, feelings of well being, reduce stress and appetite. It may also support nerve health, as studies show it seems to support the nerve repair process and help protect nerve cells as well as promote cognitive function. Rhodiola Rosea effects are typically felt quickly, but have lasting benefit when used over a 30-day period.


  • increases dopamine, seratonin, noradrenalin, adrenalin, and melatonin
  • supports energy
  • supports cellular health
  • reduces fatigue
  • enhances neuroregeneration and neurogenesis, supports memory
  • improves motivation, concentration
  • promotes longevity, neuroprotective

We use pure Rhodiola Rosea at 500 mg standardized to 3% Salidroside.



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