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I've tried many different energy drinks and supplements to aid me through my high-pressure day. Some work good enough but ususally have side effects like jitters or crashes. While using Optimus I had the clarity and focus I needed but without the jitters or crash later in the day. Definitely recommend Optimus.

Michael D. - GySGT US Marine Corps
September, 2019

I am a barber who speaks to about 10 to 20 customers a day. I was diagnosed with ADHD at a young age and I smoke cigarettes regularly. When I tried Optimus it gave me a feeling of concentration. Easy to stay focused on the task at hand. When I don't have cigarettes, I get a little irritable and find it hard to be sociable, but after I tried Optimus, I didn't feel the need to grab a smoke or even have my morning coffee. 

Chris - Professional barber
June, 2019

My first experience with Optimus was great! Right after I finished my breakfast I started to drink it. I was thinking it was going to be bad but it tasted just like tea. Optimus made me feel more energy and focus throughout the day and I was just happier. It was like seeing the world in a different view. I will continue to use this amazing product and highly recommend it.

Eric Kwok - College student, SUNY Potsdam
September, 2019

Optimus is unlike any other nootropic I’ve tried. Within 20-30 minutes I experienced an increased drive to get at the day. By the time I sat down at my laptop (I’m a screenwriter) I hit the ground running and I was in flow fairly quickly and for a much longer stretch. But even better than getting into flow faster and for longer, is that I genuinely felt great. Just an overall mix of contentedness and excitement all at once.

José C. - Professional screenwriter
July, 2019

I have tried plenty of supplements, trying to find the right balance that gives me the ability to focus without feeling jittery. Optimus is in a class by itself: pure mental clarity, enhanced focus for multitasking, and all with an undercurrent of elevated sense of well being that lasts for hours.

Gretchen S. - College professor
September, 2019

I consider myself a wellness enthusiast and am always looking for a safe and natural way to give me the pick me up at the midday lull. Optimus not only gives me the pick me up I need, but also gives me more focus and drive to keep at the day.

Nicole D. - Pharmaceutical sales representative
September, 2019

I felt Optimus immediately in my head as I drank it. My focus seemed to be more sharp and I was quick with decision making and also memory to get things done. You almost won't notice it unless you really pay attention to how you were feeling prior to taking it. I didn't notice when or how it stopped working, no crash. I think Optimus is very beneficial for people that have strenous lives and need balance and stability.

Pablo - Pro and amateur boxing instructor
October, 2019

Optimus has helped me a lot as far as my mood goes. I actually have better days when I take it and I'm noticeably happier. It also gives me more energy but not to the point where I feel jittery. Just enough where I feel I was well rested. I definitely recommend Optimus.

Alexandra S. - Model
November, 2019